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The Leadership Xperience  is a Customer-Centric Operating Model and Strategic Transformation Consultancy.  Our focus is to bridge the Strategy-Execution gap and deliver Creative Blueprints that achieve the Revenues and Profits, the Recognition and Rewards that Global leaders seek for Organisational and Individual Success.


Whilst we can all agree that Our Customers are at the center of what we do, our Common Leadership Purpose, Cross Functional Alignment, Modelled Behaviors and Cultural Norms and Who we are as Individuals are all critical to Business Success!


The Leadership Xperience will explore for Individuals and Organizations:

  • Where You Are Now

  • What Does Success Look Like

  • Your Journey to Success

  • Bridging the Strategy-Execution Gap 


I am Lisa-Maria Alexander a Marketeer, Organizational Strategist, Behavioral Coach Certified, and an experienced Facilitator and Public Speaker.


As a C-suite Executive for more than fifteen years, my areas of expertise include Strategy Development & Implementation, Customer Experience Management, Market Planning, Relationship Marketing, Internal Branding, and Performance Management.


I have led in:

  • Marketing Strategy,

  • Customer Journey Management,

  • Communication and Public Relations, 

  • Product Development,

  • Sales Management

Sector Experience

  • Financial Sector

  • Insurance

  • Tourism

  • Manufacturing


My accomplishments include: 

  • Strategy Development & Execution

  • Brand Building and Reputation Management

  • Brand Architecture 

  • Customer Experience Design 

  • LinkedIn
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Transform Your Operating Model for Success!


Strategy Design and Execution Planning Workshops

We will walk you through every step for building a winnable Strategic Plan:

  • Business Goal Alignment

  • Target Client Identification to

  • Operating Model Development,

  • Building Performance Metrics  and Measurement Alignment 

Customer Experience Strategy & Programme Design

We will help you see your entire organization through your customer’s eyes and identify opportunities for success:

  • Customer Journey Management

  • Customer Feedback Research

 Marketing Strategy and Brand Development

We will work with your team to differentiate your Brand and ensure its alignment with the  Organization's Business Models

  • Research-based Target Client Persona Development 

  • Brand Architecture Design

  • Brand Positioning 

Employee Engagement and Culture Building Workshops

We will work together to:

  • Conduct A Culture Audit

  • Construct Employee Engagement Assessments

  • Develop Execution Plans for targeted outcomes.  

Leadership Development Coaching

Clients can access Individual and Group Coaching:

  • Leadership Self-Assessments

  • Diagnostic & Development Plan

  • Coaching Sessions

  • Milestone Check Ins.

Image of Persons working at The Leadership Xperience

The Leadership Xperience

Our Vision: Passionately delivering Business Transformations for Customer-Obsessed Global Leaders!

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The Leadership Xperience

Our Elevator Pitch!

We equip Leaders to drive Operating Model and Strategic Transformations! Many Organizations get stuck at which Strategic Initiatives will result in short-term Revenues versus long-term Profitability. Companies often undertake this assessment without a clear understanding of how their Culture and their Customer Experience impacts their bottom line!! At the Leadership Xperience we help Caribbean and Global Leaders to make that link. We do not only help transform the way you do things, but also how you measure success!

Value Proposition

Making the link between Successful Business Outcomes and Customer-Centricity.

Our Business

Service Industry : A Customer- Centric Operating Model and Strategic Transformations Consultancy.

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Our Mission

The Leadership Xperience is a Customer-Centric Operating Model and Strategic Transformation Consultancy

The Leadership Xperience will bridge the Strategy-Execution gap for CEOs and Executives leading Customer-Centric Business Transformations.

The Leadership  Xperience will provide leaders with the Development Coaching, Tools and Strategies to improve their Brands, Operating Models and Culture to positively impact their Business Outcomes.  

The Leadership Xperience will deliver Creative Strategies that achieve the financial growth and leadership objectives to support organizations in their customer-centricity journeys.

We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience

Marketing /Business Development 


Years of Experience

 Executive Leadership


Years of Experience Customer Experience Management 


Different Industries 

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach






Upcoming Events

  • Customer Experience Strategy for Executives
    Customer Experience Strategy for Executives
    Customized for your Company
    Location is TBD
    Customized for your Company
    Location is TBD
    Customized for your Company
    Location is TBD
    Often, while we agree the customer is at the center of what we do, initiatives that focus on CX lack a clear and concise business case, and an understanding of the measurable deliverables that will have a positive financial impact on the business as well as the costs related to poor CX.
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