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At The Leadership Xperience when we say Transformation we are talking about Operating Model Transformations and Strategic Transformations, i.e. not just doing more of the same better, but doing business in a fundamentally different way, that changes how you measure success and how you compete,  doing it all with absolute Customer-Obsession! 


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Business Strategy

Great Strategies must be converted into a Business Design that is Measurable, Executable and Sustainable. 

Who Is this For?

This offering is for Leaders who:

  1. Need to fundamentally change their Business Model - "The Way We Work"

  2. Are trying to solve  an " Execution" Problem

  3. Need to Transform their Value Chain Delivery to Improve Financial and other Business Outcomes 

Business Strategy

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience has been described as the battleground in which Customers are won and lost, but the Design and Management of Experiences  has gone way beyond the Customer and now incorporates the People, Processes, Systems and Information that deliver an outstanding Customer Experience. 

Transforming Customer Experiences (CX) together we will:

  • Design a clear CX Strategy, build Customer Understanding and establish a framework for the design of improved journeys for your Clients 

  • Build core organizational competence for Governance, Culture, Measurement and Process Optimization enabled by Technology and Data for improved CX Management  

Customer Experience

Who is This For?

Image by Kelly Sikkema

CEOs and Senior Leaders to lead their teams in the alignment of Customer Experience (CX) with Business Outcomes. 

Image by Taylor Grote

Chief Customer Officers and other Professionals tasked with leading the Customer Experience (CX) programme in their Organizations

Image by Brooke Cagle

Internal Auditors and Project Managers tasked with the assessment of their organization’s customer-centricity, and the gaps that need to be considered in order to attain a significantly improved Customer Experience  

Personal Development

Leadership Development Coaching

The most effective and sustainable Transformations begin with you! Whether you are a new leader or  its a new role, a proactive approach Personal Development approach is key to your Success. ​


Who Is this For?

This offering is for ambitious Professionals who are:

  1. Leaders transitioning into a bigger role

  2. Female Executives who are interested in deepening their impact and influence

  3. Senior Executives and Business Owners preparing for Transformational Changes. 

Leadership Support

The Leadership Xperience Team will support clients in:

  • the uncovering of their  purpose and passions, 

  • in building self-confidence and self-awareness,

  • in understanding the tenets of leadership potential  and 

  •  in preparing for transformational change.

Lets answers these Questions together

  1. What makes you a special as a person and a Leader?

  2. What do I most want to contribute to the world?

  3. What advice would you give to someone like yourself?



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Group Seflie

Internal Branding and Culture

Internal Branding aligns what you say in your Marketing messages with what you do, Culture is who you are! Simply put, are you and your brand modelling the behaviors internally that you espouse. 

Build alignment around your Brand 

Build Team Engagement

Restore Trust

Improve Communication

 Internal Branding and Culture
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